Beatles and Butterflies

January 20th, 2016

The changes in the Mariposa neighborhood over the past few years are hard to ignore.  A new light rail stop sits across the street from the City’s oldest steakhouse, as well as new retail space nearby.  New apartment buildings are now part of the fabric, along with the artful painted Victorians of the Santa Fe Arts District, where the buzz of First Friday, its food and open galleries make parking almost impossible.  The Auraria campus is a few blocks north, as is Civic Center and the Central Business District.  Mariposa is a great neighborhood by any measure, and if you’ve lived here a few years, it’s also a great neighborhood to age in place.  1040 Osage Street is a new addition to this artful, revitalized district, and the design of this building will offer its residents attributes not usually associated with Senior Living – innovative, sustainable, connected, and paradigm-shifting.

Senior living environments are changing.  HPA’s new design for 1040 Osage Street represents another contribution to our city, our craft and innovative concepts in designing how we can keep our population healthy, active and connected.   A sculptural approach to designing a high rise living environment has resulted in a building that seems to defy gravity as it sits lightly on a landscaped ground plane crafted for all ages – a product of challenging expectations, as all great design must be – while leveraging a knowledge base of senior living into an exciting place to maximize independence.  Color and cantilever communicate optimism, while accessibility, light levels, and ease of access aid its occupants at every level.

Innovation lives here.  Seniors are not only OK with innovation, it’s invigorating.  This is the Beatles Generation who is moving in this building, and this is a multicultural neighborhood of craftsmen, artisans and artists who have spent their careers breaking the rules and challenging convention.  The neighborhood is as colorful, emerging and inspiring as the butterfly it was named for, and our Architecture here is both responsive and future-focused.


Written by Joe Poli