October 28th, 2014

Humphries Poli Architects participated in the 2014 Denver CANstruction event, sponsored by The Gathering Place, and held at the History Colorado center. The event is held in order to collect cans to donate to those in need and to raise awareness for the fight against homelessness and hunger. Over the course of six weeks, our team developed the art installation called CANorado, which was featured in the two-week long display.

Our team’s mission was simple and threefold: 1) create a design that is identifiable to Coloradoans, 2) develop a design that incorporates a wide variety of food types and 3) engage our entire office in the process.

The CANorado design features the iconic Colorado State flag, arguably the most popular graphic design in the state. The design features four symbolic colors: Blue sky, white snow-capped mountains, red soil, and a beautiful golden yellow sun. Within this palette, we were able to utilize cans of fruits, vegetables, and proteins to complete the design.