HPA Merges with RATIO!

July 31st, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Humphries Poli Architects has merged with RATIO, a top 50 multi-national design firm.

“Since Joe Poli and I founded our acclaimed design firm in 1994, the practice of architecture has grown into an extraordinarily complex industry. By fusing our resources with a highly visionary firm like RATIO, we will better empower our talented team members to navigate today’s challenging architectural landscape,” said Dennis Humphries, Principal at Humphries Poli Architects. “Most important, we’ll also be able to bring significantly enhanced value to our clients.”

Building off our respective firm’s success in the Mountain region, the combined firm will operate together to create a unified and innovative design force on the national design landscape.

Founded in 1982, RATIO is an award-winning interdisciplinary design practice that has led many noteworthy projects across the U.S. and internationally, including recent selection for the Signia hotel in Indianapolis and completed Samsung HQ in Beijing. 

The addition of a Denver location to RATIO’s studios in Chicago and Champaign, Ill., Indianapolis, Ind., and Raleigh, N.C. provides our clients with enhanced experiences through integrated design services while seamlessly supporting HPA’s 25 year award-winning history of creating impactful design in Denver.

This is an important organizational change for our team, and while it won’t affect our ongoing record of bringing design excellence to the Denver region and beyond, we want to ensure your questions are fully addressed. Together, we will offer services in architecture, preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design, and graphic design.

We’re looking forward to working for and alongside you in the future as RATIO|HPA, achieving even more together!

Dennis Humphries, AIA & Joseph Poli, AIA