Residential Round-Up

October 18th, 2016

The population continues to rapidly grow around Denver and the architecture and construction industry is trying to keep up. Humphries Poli Architects believes in not only meeting this demand for residential architecture, but in ensuring that the projects integrate with the communities they inhabit.

Over the past two years, we have designed and constructed several multi-family projects in the Denver-Metro area.  These projects seek to meet the needs of the growing population. Whether it be a millennial who commutes everywhere via bicycle, a family of four seeking to minimize a footprint and increase connectivity to their urban environment, or simply someone who wants to immerse themselves in the downtown Denver culture, our thoughtful design always has the end user in mind.

Oxford Station Apartments located at 4101 S Navajo St, Englewood, CO 80110 .

Oxford Station Apartments

Located adjacent to commuter rail, commercial rail, Route 85, and industrial sites, the Oxford Station Apartments is one of the first large Transit Oriented Design (TOD) projects to blend the transition from industrial to residential in Englewood, Colorado.

Due to its adjacency to rail and road, the building design utilizes large angular geometries meant to attract the interest of commuters passing at high speed. These forms draw their inspiration from many of the exposed metal structures of the surrounding industry as well as the previously existing metal warehouse buildings on the site. The sites industrial history is preserved with the retrofit of an existing bowstring truss warehouse into a fitness center and commercial space. Spilling out from the fitness center into the outdoor amenity area are salvaged metal truss columns re-purposed as shade structures. With its two apartment buildings, the combined 234 units will add further density to the RTD light rail station facilitating future TOD projects to follow in the adjacent area.

Welton Park Apartments located at 2300 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205.

Welton Park Apartments

Welton Park Apartments is a workforce housing development bringing 223 much needed affordable dwelling units close to the Denver city core.  Situated on the historic Welton Street, it marks the gateway to the Five Points business and entertainment district and has an important role in reflecting the area’s vibrant cultural diversity.

The architecture takes cues from the famous jazz musicians once hosted in Welton Street’s bars and clubs. These prominent artists, such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis to name a few, worked to create engaging improvised music. In a similar way, the project’s architecture works to engage a dialog within itself and the surrounding community. It consists of two buildings separated by an alley. While each building has its own unique color scheme and presence they combine to form a unified whole under a sloping parapet silhouette fronting Park Avenue. A large portal facing the neighboring ball park opens to a welcoming courtyard allowing the building’s residents to host outdoor events and activities and engage with the community.

By reflecting the history of its location, this project serves as a reminder of Welton Street’s rich heritage and acts as a catalyst for future artistic endeavors.

Link 35 located at 1220 35th Street, Denver, CO 80205.

Link 35

Situated in the rapidly transitioning neighborhood of RiNo, this mixed-use residential building at Link 35 works to create a context for its new community.  Using elements of the warehouses and shipping containers that currently make up this area of Denver, Link 35 provides a modern, dense housing development on a historically industrial block.

The new building design breaks down the massing of the city block for a human scale.  Areas of the building are carved away to create street-level courts and rooftop terraces for outdoor gatherings.  Retail space at the ground level provides a strong pedestrian connection.  Secure parking is accessed from the alley, directing the active spaces toward the street.  The 66 rental units on the upper floors include studio, 1- and 2-bedroom units as well as micro-housing units.  Each unit has an exterior or Juliet balcony.  Each of these elements works to successfully translate the industrial character to a vibrant residential urban neighborhood.

Humphries Poli Architects approaches every project with a fresh perspective and evaluates how best to ennoble the site and integrate with the community. This approach allows us to respect previously established community direction while also further developing it.  Look for more HPA multi-family projects popping up all over the Denver Metro area this fall!


Written by Eric Doner and Eric Grebliunas