Sustainable Success Story

April 1st, 2015

Lamar Station Crossing is the first LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) project in the Rocky Mountain Region.  With a serious commitment by an affordable housing developer and the expert design team lead by Humphries Poli Architects, this project features connection to light rail, increased density, a living stairwell and the creation of a bike path and nature trail. Lamar Station has changed the infrastructure of its community and united neighborhoods.

Located in Lakewood, CO, Lamar Station Crossing, which is also LEED Gold for New Construction, is a role model for future redevelopment, as it provides the community with a precedent in the entitlement process that encourages pedestrian scale, community-oriented urban design and sustainable development.  In addition to its success as a LEED ND project, Lamar Station Crossing’s most sustainable built features include:

  • Achievement of a 33% energy cost savings. Incorporating its 78kW rooftop PV system, the project achieves up to 42% energy cost savings. Along with resident education and above average insulation, these components help stabilize and reduce monthly energy costs for residents.
  • Daylight and views in 75%-90% of spaces helping to reduce residents’ energy usage while encouraging the use of operable windows.
  • All materials in the building are low-emission helping the project to achieve superior indoor air quality.
  • Maximizing open space by up to 47.7% and reduces water usage by 50% while incorporating community gardens and resident education with an outdoor classroom.
  • The construction practices reduced waste by up to 85% while using 10%-20% recycled and regional materials.

The success of the Lamar Station Crossing project is widespread and growing.  Over the past three years, from project conception to one year after its final certificate of occupancy, Lamar Station Crossing has been recognized for its design, energy efficiency, community impact, and innovation with the following awards:

2014 AIA Architects’ Choice Award
2014 Housing Colorado People’s Choice Award
2014 Colorado Green Building Guild Multi-Family Project of the Year
2014 IEC National Award of Excellence in Electrical Construction
2014 National NAHRO Award of Merit in Housing and Community Development
2014 Colorado NAHRO Energy and Green Building Award
2014 City of Lakewood Sustainability Award
2012 National NAHRO Administrative Innovation Award
2011 APA Colorado Excellence Award
2011 City of Lakewood CY Choi Award

The Humphries Poli Architects and MetroWest Housing Solutions team will be presenting the sustainable success story of Lamar Station Crossing at the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Green conference in Denver on April 2, 2015.