Uncommon Connectors

1215 Elati

Denver, CO

Humphries Poli Architects’ former studio is located in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood at 1215 Elati Street.  Our storefront studio was designed to engage the surrounding neighborhood, encourage a better understanding of what architects do, and create a workplace of uncommon connections.

Located in an evolving urban district, the renovated warehouse building, an exercise in reuse, is informed as much by the streetscape as by the needs of its inhabitants.  These two major factors mesh into a sort of interior urbanism.

Inside and outside spaces are deliberately blurred to allow designers constant reference to the city around them and afford area residents a glimpse into the architectural process.  This “front porch” design allows familiarity, eye contact, safety, and education – virtues long associated with community artisans such as a town blacksmith or local furniture maker.  Borrowing from the layout of a city, the studio is organized into streets, alleys, and squares – corridors, conference rooms, and studios.  The structure is exposed and celebrated while unusual forms and colors refer to local history and landmarks.

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1215 Elati Floor Plan copy