Alta Library

One Room Schoolhouse

Alta Branch Library

Alta, Wyoming

The Alta Branch Library is an extension of the Teton County Libraries in the northwest corner of Wyoming. This 2,400 square foot library is primarily a community space for the 400 residents of Alta. The library includes a children’s space, teen corner, adult collection, living room for quiet reading, meeting room, and large reading porch with views to the Grand Teton National Park.

Alta, Wyoming is located 40 miles northwest of Jackson, Wyoming and five miles east of the Idaho border, on the western slope of the Teton Mountain Range. The 1.5 acre site is across the street from the town’s elementary school and adjacent to a local church.

Although the roof ridge is slightly skewed eight degrees to align with the Grand Teton, the Alta Branch Library is otherwise designed similarly to a historic one room school house. This concept allows simplicity in form and structure of the building.

The exterior walls of the library express the history and modern values of Alta. Deep red walls and expressive natural bark siding offer a distinct look to the library while respecting the context of the community.

The overall drama and beauty of the library’s site and context is reflected in the design of the building, helping make the Alta Branch Library a spectacular place to learn and dream.

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