Inside Out

Anythink Perl Mack

Federal Heights, CO

The Anythink Perl Mack project is a full renovation of an existing 6,500 square foot library and a 1,800 square foot addition.  The addition and renovation of this 1975 building includes a children’s corner, teen space, adult collection, computer lab, multifunction space, study room, and central fireplace.

Perl Mack is located 12 miles north of Denver, in a residential neighborhood adjacent to a small shopping district. At the western point of the site, a community garden transforms an empty lot into a neighborhood asset.

The renovation by Humphries Poli Architects includes a radical modernizing of the existing facility with sustainable technology, smart design, and focus on the surrounding community. A high, floating roof located over the multifunction space acts as a beacon, inviting the neighborhood to discover the new entry.

Sustainability is a priority for the Anythink Perl Mack.  To reduce the buildings energy consumption, the existing roof form was updated to support a future photovoltaic array and the new geothermal exchange wells, located under the parking lot, increase the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems.

The Anythink Perl Mack is an important part of the neighborhoods fabric, opening its doors to the local residents for exploration and learning.


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PM-Floor Plan


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Before                                                                                                                                                                                                      After



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