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Anythink Wright Farms

Thornton, CO

Library Journal Landmark Library

LEED Gold Building

The Anythink Wright Farms, designed by Humphries Poli Architects, is the flagship library for the Rangeview Library District.  This 45,000 square foot library is the largest in the district and includes office space for the district’s administration staff, a 7,000 square foot children’s area, teen zone with a Wii room, quiet reading rooms, computer lab, study and meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor fireplace, cafe, and multipurpose space for community events.

Anythink Wright Farms is located in Thornton, CO, ten miles north of Denver, on an 8.2 acre site located along the high-speed traffic of 120th street to the south and a quiet neighborhood to the north.

Indoor space and outdoor space are equally important at the Anythink Wright Farms.  A park available to the public sits between the library and neighborhood to the north.  The library’s gently sloping roof opens in the direction of the park, inviting naturally diffused light into the building.  The park is accessible at multiple points from within the library, encouraging patrons to enjoy the outdoor rooms to read, relax, and play.

The Anythink Wright Farms features a light shelf above the teen zone, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the library.  A raised floor system is used to accommodate mechanical, electrical, and data needs allowing for future flexibility.

The Anythink Wright Farms is a LEED Gold certified building promoting sustainability, community, learning, and creativity.

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