Modern Living

Aria Townhomes

Denver, CO

Aria Denver is a townhome community that embraces community, green living, and modernity.  Located on the West end of Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, near the East edge of Regis University’s campus, its location speaks to both historic and contemporary Denver sensibilities.  Aria townhomes are part of a master planned community on a 17 acre parcel, once home to a convent for the Sisters of St. Francis, which includes apartments, the townhomes, and a two acre parcel dedicated to urban farming.  Every detail of Aria has been considered for its contribution to a healthy, sustainable community, down to the fruit bearing trees that will populate its parkways.  Future phases include retail, commercial, as well as higher density apartment projects.

The Aria townhomes include a mix of attached unit types – from flats to two story units with carriage houses.  Each unit is designed to maximize every square foot of space, carefully balancing light, volume, spatial adjacencies, and private outdoor open spaces to present homes that live differently than the older bungalows in the Highlands, but clearly nod to their predecessors.  Modern living extends to the sustainable, green building methodology that is basic to the construction of each townhome.  The first phase of Aria is now occupied, with additional units and the future community taking shape.

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