New Urbanism, Old Feel

Benedict Park Place

Denver, CO

Humphries Poli Architects provided master planning and full architectural design services for the redevelopment of a 12-acre inner city site that includes a range of housing opportunities from affordable to mixed-income units.

Important to the client and the master planning team was the desire to recreate a sense of community within the context of urban living. More than just a series of buildings, Park Avenue was envisioned as a new mixed-use community with a residential emphasis.  The project was constructed in phases over a period of five to eight years and includes approximately 600 units of mixed-income housing (in both the rental and for-sale markets) and 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Benedict Park Place is comprised of 124 rental units in four visually distinct buildings.  These structures acknowledge a return to the courtyard apartment buildings which anchored Denver’s first surge of urban growth in the early 20th century.  Working with neighborhood groups, HPA examined locally prevalent styles and area history to create a neighborhood that knits the aesthetics of both the adjacent downtown skyline and surrounding historic structures.  Sustainable design principles were incorporated into the project increasing long-term building maintenance efficiencies and demonstrating socially conscious design.

The buildings utilize a podium structure design whereby the residential units are built on top of the parking structure.  This eliminates the need for surface parking for residents which makes the experience of getting in and out of the building safer and more comfortable for residents.

The project included $20 million in HUD HOPE VI funding, along with tax-credit equity and private funding.

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