L is for Harmony

CDOT Region 2 Headquarters

Pueblo, CO

The design of the new CDOT Region 2 Headquarters in Pueblo draws on concepts of harmony with the site and organization within nature combined with the 21st Century Workplace.  These concepts were developed with the occupant in mind and utilize optimized daylighting, protection from the sun and wind, views to the landscape and spaces for multiple modes of working to achieve complex programmatic demands.

The program is organized along the cardinal axes in ‘L’ shape which orients the agency to the geography of their region and also neatly separates the administrative and maintenance portions of the program.  The ‘L’ shape of the building creates both a protected campus interior for the use of CDOT and an exterior face for the public.  At the intersection of the L is a landscaped courtyard for staff gatherings, exercise and open air meetings.

The Group B occupancy, one-story building includes 40,000 SF of the administration wing is plus 6,000 SF of courtyard.  The administration wing of the building will be primarily open office space with accessory meeting spaces, server room, break rooms, restrooms and a fitness room.  There will also be specialty office spaces like the Traffic Operations Center within Colorado State Patrol with dedicated equipment.

Exterior materials were selected for durability and appropriateness for a state agency.  These include precast concrete, masonry and metal panels.  Glazing will be Solarban 70, or similar, on the south and west exposures, Solarban 60, or similar, to the north and east.  Windows to the south are minimized and protected to reduce glare and solar heat gain.  Daylighting is to be primarily provided by windows to the north and through light monitors at the roof above.