Flexible Future

CDOT Region 4 Headquarters

Greeley, CO

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Region 4 Headquarters project provides a new central home for 140+ CDOT employees previously located throughout the northeast quarter of the state.  The 40,000 square foot, class B office building is designed with collaboration as its key feature.  The spaces in the building foster interactions between the agency and the public, between agency departments and within the individual departments.  Spaces are designed to overlap and encourage cooperation for the inhabitants.  An open office plan allows for flexibility between current and future needs, ensuring the building can serve CDOT for decades.


The program of the building wraps two floors of office and meeting spaces around  a central, daylit atrium.  In keeping with the concept of collaboration, this space can host all-staff presentations or one-on-one interactions.  As the building is sited in an area of the state prone to extreme weather, it provides a protected space where staff can take a break or conduct work in a third-space setting.  The two floors of the building use this space for circulation.  Stairs at each end encourage an active occupancy for the building, promoting health and exercise.

Sustainable features include a high-performance mechanical system, LED lighting with occupancy controls and daylight sensors, a high-performance building envelope, daylight and views from ribbon windows at all of the office areas and the long-life, loose-fit flexibility of the open office plan.  Energy performance is estimated at a 30% improvement over comparable office buildings.