Urban Optimism

Century Lofts

Denver, CO

The design of the Century Lofts building reflects the optimism of a district in the process of reestablishing its place as one of Denver’s most forward focused urban neighborhoods.  The neighborhood is a delightful mix of the modern and traditional, with work like the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Library, and the Civic Center Park co-existing with a diverse mix of residential and commercial properties.  The Golden Triangle neighborhood boasts a blend of medium and high rise structures framed by a truncated street grid, tree lined lawns, excellent downtown access, and distant mountain views.

The building is rendered in raw, cast-in-place concrete, large expanses of glass, and subtle shades of plaster.  Classic determination of base, middle, and top have resulted in a building which is well scaled to the pedestrian while creating a distinct silhouetted identity that moonlights as an active neighborhood marker.

Based on the model of urban courtyard buildings, this L-shaped, 30-unit building is organized by an open-air circulation system and common courtyard, both practical notions in Denver’s moderate, dry climate.  Individual dwellings benefit from this thin footprint, placing a majority of public uses nearest the street while guiding ventilation and quiet uses toward the internal courtyard space.

CEN Bicycle Race
CEN Courtyard
CEN Cornice