Behind the Scenes at Channel 8

Denver Channel 8

Denver, CO

In 2011 the City and County of Denver looked to relocate the Denver 8 TV offices, studio, and production spaces from a former airplane hangar in Stapleton to the lower level of the City and County Building.  While its proximity to the everyday government activities make the City and County Building the ideal location, the space assigned within the building’s lower level- with its limited ceiling height, access to daylight, and acoustical qualities- presented a significant challenge.  Through a meticulous planning process and ongoing support during construction the design team was able to navigate the existing, and often unforeseen, conditions within the City and County Building.

The 4,975 square foot office space, 4,900 square foot production area, and 2,365 square foot studio were delivered on time and under budget, in terms of both construction and design costs.  The result is a new home for Denver 8 TV that not only meets their technical needs, but exceeds their expectations in terms of the quality of the spaces created within the existing building.

CH8 Basement Plan w color
Channel 8 tryptych
007_Channel8_Studio_6V9A0581 copy