Transformational Housing

Federal 27

Denver, CO

Federal 27 brings new, affordable housing in a four-story building to a part of Denver that has been long passed over for revitalization.  The building will house over 60 residents at varying subsidy levels in its 27 units and introduce a new structure and attitude to its neighborhood.

Designed as transitional housing for integrating veterans back into their communities, the buildings programmatic needs rely heavily on community and teaching spaces.  Two and three bedroom units offer common kitchen and living areas with private bedroom, bathroom and work area suites for each occupant.

Understanding the prospective tenants’ needs for both guidance and freedom, the design team took great care to avoid creating an “institutional” feeling in the building Architecture.  The building presents an animated partner to its East Federal Boulevard neighbors, extending the energy of this busy urban corridor.  The quieter side street access is paired with a lower, simpler architecture, which results in a blend of traditional and modern forms, creating a unique presence in a prominent urban location.

The building will be a model for sustainability in the neighborhood for both human and energy assets.  The architecture embraces this challenge, and extends the building’s mission in a tangible, measurable fashion.


Federal 27 Rendering copy
Federal 27 2-3 Floor Plans copy
FEDERAL 27-04-KP copy
FEDERAL 27-12-KP copy