Fraternal Twins

Fluent Lofts

Denver, CO

The Fluent Lofts project was conceived as a design solution for two buildings that are separated by a city block.  The design concept creates two unique “siblings” conceived at the same moment, like fraternal twins, and results in a unique dialogue that speaks volumes about the richness of the urban condition.  While they understand the language of the structures that surround them, their behavior is not guaranteed.

The buildings employ rhythms and materials found in the neighboring structures, so that from a distance, they are seamless with the surrounding fabric, but upon closer inspection, they are rendered in a higher contrast and employ sharper transitions.  The front “porch” is defined by a grey stone Gabion wall and a fluid white masonry mass to mark the precinct edges of the compound.  Unlike its neighbors, a cornice does not crown the structure.   Instead, a stainless steel bridge and cantilevered black monolith create the dialogue with Colorado’s cloudless sky.

The unit plans are akin to iPhones or Swiss army knives, in that their designs attempt to double or triple the optional uses of space, while still keeping design at the forefront.  In doing so, the utilitarian is quickly transformed into an object of desire.  Outdoors becomes indoors, bedrooms become studio alcoves, and kitchen counters morph into dining tables or entertainment centers.  The buildings each wrap around a second level communal space while the program needs of parking, service, and safety are addressed at grade in a public – private transition zone.

courtyards copy