A Child of the 70s

Ford Warren Public Library

Denver, CO

The Ford Warren Library is a 10,000 square foot branch serving a highly diverse urban neighborhood in Denver.  Built in the 1970’s library style of corrugated concrete block, shake roofing, and few windows; the Library was once all white, but had turned grey with the dust of many years.

In 2010, Humphries Poli Architects was commissioned to leverage a small construction budget into a tremendous impact for the library and the neighborhood.  Using Denver Public Library’s “Learning and Languages” library style, HPA opened up the library’s interior spaces; introducing light, color, and a clarity that the library had never previously possessed.  This profound transformation was accomplished with a construction budget of less than $40 /sf.  With powerful resources and multiple meeting spaces at a variety of scales, the library is now the heart of its neighborhood.

BEFORE 11-1028 016
AFTER 004_FordWarren_Lobby_4405