Design, Integrity

Fort Collins Police

Fort Collins, CO

Citation Winner AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Knowledge (AAJ) Justice Facility Review
Colorado Construction Gold Hard Hat Award, Design/Build

LEED Gold Building

This 96,000 square foot public facility functions on a 24/7 basis with highly specialized tenant needs, including a sophisticated security strategy, has achieved LEED Gold certification.  The facility, houses police and service related activities including training, administration, forensics, holding, and community outreach while incorporating numerous sustainable features.

Designed into three distinct zones – public, building, and secure – the Fort Collins Police building maintains internal divisions of purpose for occupants and prevents the public from accessing secure areas without creating the sense that movement and connectivity are limited.  The north side of the project, the public zone, enjoys xeriscaped public parking from which the community room and memorial promenade are clearly visible, inviting visitors to approach.   The secure zone, on the south side of the facility, allows staff easy and secure access to the building.  Designed to provide efficient circulation and supply generous amounts of daylight to occupied areas, a three-story atrium at the building’s center serves as a core of connectivity and unifies the divergent purposes of use.  The exterior features glass to convey both functional integrity and openness to the community.  The use of locally quarried sandstone reinforces pride of place and alludes to the rich history of the city.  The roof shades the building from southern exposure while allowing large amounts of daylight through a north-facing clerestory window.

This building, designed by Humphries Poli Architects with Brinkley Sargent Architects, is a resounding example of how a public facility can meet a wide range of divergent functional purposes, which cannot be intermingled, without feeling compartmentalized.

Fort Collinselev-west sketch
Fort Collins elev-south sketch
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