A Horse of a Different Color

Green Valley Ranch Library

Denver, CO

Colorado Association of Libraries Library of the Year

LEED Gold Building

The Green Valley Ranch Branch Library is the first facility in the Denver Public Library District designed to support a “Family Style” program.  This 26,000 square foot library includes an integrated adult and children’s area, quiet reading zones, study nooks, discovery pods, intimate fireplace, and meeting rooms.

Green Valley Ranch Library is poised between central Denver, Denver International Airport, and the dramatic openness of the eastern Colorado plains. This relation to the plains landscape and airplanes of Denver International Airport inspired the concept of ”iPlains” and “ePlanes” seen throughout the library.

The Humphries Poli Architects design celebrates the “iPlains” with a geometric xeric landscape to the south of the building and the “ePlanes” with an aerodynamic roof form and structural detailing derived from early aircraft design.

The interior is designed around four wings, or strips, that organize the library.  Discovery pods are located through the space to promote shared learning.  The use of bright colors and natural light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons to learn.

The LEED Gold Green Valley Ranch Branch Library celebrates its heritage as it takes off to inspire the future.


GVRL_001_Dusk_8138-2 copy
plaines and planes copy
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composite site plan-final copy
GVRL_012_Ext-Entry_8021-2 copy
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