Humble Design, Vibrant Venue

Havu Gallery

Denver, CO

Conceived as an integral part of the Grand Cherokee Lofts, a mixed-use intervention in Denver’s Golden Triangle arts district, the Havu Gallery is at once a memorable gallery and a powerful landmark.  The urban design of this lofty exhibition space is memorable and easily identified by its energetic, transparent partnership with its 10th Avenue streetscape.  At closer inspection, one understands the value of the 20’ tall ceilings, which transmit a museum-quality volume and attract large scale art installations, separating this gallery from the crowd.  Further into the space, one finds that an outdoor courtyard is a part of the gallery experience, providing a secure exhibit venue for monumental environmental constructs.

All of this is achieved on a strict budget.  Lessons learned from this spare, yet grand space are many:  the successful exhibition of art, like successful retail environments, depends on careful balance of program and procession; and the humility of a simple design approach does not exclude a vibrant venue.

Havu Staircase copy