A New Twist on Library Design

Library 21c

Colorado Springs, CO

The Pikes Peak Library District’s newest library addition was built in the 1980s as an MCI call center before being purchased by the district in 2011.  Although the building stood empty for nearly 10 years, work began in 2012 to transform the 112,000 square foot former call center into the area’s first 21st Century Library.  Currently labeled the North Facility, once opened, this library will host the district’s entire administration services as well as branch services for the entire north end of Colorado Springs.

Utilizing the large space and expansive views of the Rocky Mountains, including a view of the district’s namesake, Humphries Poli Architects was able to transform the space into 37,000 square feet of administration space and 75,000 square feet of public space.

The library is a large community hub and includes many features that appeal to all members of the community.  The library sports an expansive collection and multiple reading areas, but also provides unique areas for Children and Teens.  Where this facility will shine is in the new service model titled the Creative Computer Commons, or C3.   This groundbreaking service will expand upon what we know as common to create cutting edge spaces.  An Entrepreneurial Zone will allow for multiple meeting rooms to be used by small businesses to function on an as needed basis.  A Conference Center, complete with printing services, will make it possible for companies to hold all day seminars.  The most captivating piece, however, will come in the form of the Labs.  These spaces will host services such as 3D printing, wood working classes, electronic classes, basic computer classes, and, of course, mass gaming rooms for all ages. Some of the more unique features include an art and exhibit hall to showcase local artists, an A/V studio for sound creation and videography, and  a Café which will allow this building to truly become  a 21st Century Library.


floor plan
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