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Mancos K-12 Campus Renovation

Mancos, CO

LEED CHPS Certified Building

The Mancos School District K-12 campus renovation project is located in the Southwest corner of Colorado within view of Mesa Verde National Park.  Originally a supply post for the mining industry in the San Juan Mountains, the 1,500 residents of the Town of Mancos now primarily work in the energy and agriculture industries.  As a small western town, the community takes great pride in their school system.  The high school was constructed in 1909 and is the longest continually operating school in the state of Colorado.  Over the decades the School District has built academic buildings adjacent to the high school as the population has grown, and today the Mancos School District is comprised of a two-block campus near the center of town.

HPA was selected to provide campus wide upgrades that included: Mechanical and Electrical and accessibility upgrades to all buildings, a new campus landscape design and playgrounds, and new athletic fields, bleachers and concessions building.  Major architectural elements include a new athletic training facility, restoration of the School’s iconic historic gymnasium, expansion of the theater and music rooms, new and renovated classroom spaces, library renovation, a new campus commons, and administrative offices.

A primary goal of the project includes the creation of highly sustainable buildings reinforcing 21st century educational principles while providing a holistic vision for a campus that has been pieced together over the decades with dissimilar buildings and materials.  Inspired by the rich history of Southwest Colorado, the campus will celebrate the architecture of the region.

The construction schedule requires a high level of coordination between all members of the team led by HPA to ensure a comprehensive phasing plan is created early in the project that allows work to progress while minimizing disruptions to academic operations.

Funding for the project is the result of a Colorado BEST schools Grant.  Great sensitivity is required to balance the client’s expectations with the scope of work covered in the grant.  Additional challenges include working with multiple buildings and codes spanning 130 years.