The Butterfly Effect

Mariposa Phase VII

Denver, CO

Situated in Denver Housing Authority’s Mariposa development at the Osage Light rail stop, the Phase VII mixed-use senior and disabled residential tower serves as a gateway and calling card for the entire Mariposa development. As the Mariposa development reaches final buildout, this infill 7 story midrise building creates a dynamic urban dialogue with the neighboring buildings and site. Its uniquely articulated façade serves not only as a focal point for the TOD development and a beacon of its sustainable features but also creates a healthy living environment for its 45 residential units. In an effort to encourage community interaction and foster healthy living, Humphries Poli took the uncommon approach of combining a game room and laundry on the ground level adjacent to the midblock. This space, paired with a large front porch and retail area promotes public safety within the open space.  A community space and outdoor deck is located on the 7th floor taking advantage of the locale’s mountain views. The building utilizes advanced framing technology to reduce construction time and waste while increasing efficiencies.  The design team worked closely with Group14 and Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance program to ensure that this midrise project met and exceeded current energy standards and continues the sustainable legacy of DHA in the Mariposa community.