Old Dog - New Tricks

North High School

Denver, CO

Council of Education Facility Planners International, Rockies Design Award

Denver Public Schools undertook a meticulous effort to rehabilitate the interior of the 1911 Building as called for in the 2006 Master Plan developed by Humphries Poli Architects and Klipp Architecture. This was the second phase of construction following the window replacement and exterior rehabilitation undertaken by the same team in 2007. This phase included construction of a new central utility plant to provide all new heating and cooling systems to the building.

The year and a half rehabilitation project restored the pressed metal ceiling and wood floors in the classrooms, reinstituted the large central light wells at the core of the building, and rehabilitated the decorative mosaic tile floors and historic murals that remained in the building. In addition to these successful preservation efforts, the school was provided with new lighting and technology systems such as wireless access as well as a new fire sprinkler system. Modern educational standards were achieved in this older building to include modern technology, state-of-the-art science and athletic facilities, and flexible, varied learning spaces. North High School substantiates the fact that rehabilitation of an existing school building is not only fiscally sound, but it is preferable from a community, sustainability, and academic perspective.

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