Celebrating, City Style


Denver, CO

The Cherry Creek neighborhood is one of Denver’s Urban Design success stories. This mixed use project embraces all the best parts of this district’s scale and uses with the added dimension of enhancing an existing plaza into a new urban green space; providing a destination which can function as a meeting place, a place for summer art & film festivals, a farmer’s market, or a restful counterpoint to the surrounding density.

North Creek embraces its neighborhood with three major moves: reinforce the perimeter with low-rise mixed use architecture; signal a presence along an adjacent boulevard with a point tower at the district edge; and create a new green destination in the neighborhood through an internal courtyard. The connections from these symbiotic spaces alter both perception and use into a single, extensive landscape surrounding the project’s east wing, blurring traditional coding of edge and identity.

Program elements have been configured into thin wings that press the project’s perimeter, maximizing daylight and natural ventilation opportunities. Ground floor transparency, a cladding palette that alternately holds and reflects light, and buildings crowned by greenscape combine to further define a unique sense of place.

This Architecture of placemaking speaks to the careful insertion of a diverse program into its neighborhood while playing the role of visionary citizen who leaves their city richer than they found it.

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