Great Expectations

Oak Street Station Apartments

Lakewood, CO

This Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is reflective of the change happening across the Front Range of Colorado.  The installation of commuter rail lines and stations is creating opportunities for housing density and neighborhood growth in the small cities and towns that make up the Denver metro area.  Occupying a full city block, the Oak Street Station Apartments look to provide retail and housing adjacent to a new light rail station.  The development will help convert a neglected end of Lakewood, Colorado.

This mixed-use development creates retail space in a block between the light rail station and Colfax Avenue, the historic commercial zone for the neighborhood.  Three- and four-story residential blocks with 291 units are placed on a podium above the retail.  Parking is moved to the interior of the block to maximize the urban edge of the buildings.  Rooftop terraces and a pool provide amenities for the residents and views to the mountains and the city.  The overall scale of the block is intended to be grand, marking this place as a new locus of Lakewood.  It signals the anticipated build-up of a new community and a connection to the larger urban context. This outstanding project will be NGBS Silver Certified.