Small things, Big difference

Pine River Library

Bayfield, CO

Library Journal Best Small Library in America

In 2003, the Pine River Library District opened a new 8,000 square foot library in Bayfield, Colorado. Over the next ten years, the Library District determined there were numerous shortcomings in the design of the original facility and concluded that expansion and renovation of the existing library was essential to provide much needed space and offer a greater flexibility in programs and services. Humphries Poli Architects was retained in 2012 to investigate alternatives for creating a re-invented library.

After conducting extensive conversations with the community, it was decided to construct a 4,000 square foot addition and fully renovate the existing library featuring a quiet adult reading area focusing on an indoor/outdoor fireplace and a highly flexible series of community meeting rooms with after-hours entry and associated restrooms. The new addition architecturally references the scale and detailing of the original library while simultaneously evoking the notion of a contemporary library planned around the comfort and ease of the patron. The massive service desk was eliminated, the height of the stacks lowered, and a separation of spaces by zones of activities and noise was implemented. The new construction was designed with a focus on energy efficiency and abundant daylighting with community rooms arranged to connect to outdoor reading areas focusing around a fire pit and an adjacent community garden.

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