Reclaiming a lost district

Renaissance Uptown Lofts

Denver, CO

Renaissance Uptown Lofts, located on Colfax Avenue and Pearl Street in Capitol Hill, will provide 99 rental units and over 7,000 square feet of modern retail space to a formerly troubled location on East Colfax. Innovative design solutions combined with real-time estimating of building systems has allowed this creative confluence of affordable housing, Main Street Retail, historic preservation, and sustainable design.

Denver, like many major metropolitan areas across the country, has pledged to eliminate homelessness within the next decade. This challenge has been embraced by Renaissance Housing, the development arm of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Humphries Poli Architect’s design for the Renaissance Uptown Lofts is a solution that embraces both its mission and neighborhood. This is a mixed use building that will provide mixed income dwellings with an average size of 570 square feet. Housing low income or formerly homeless families is an accomplishment in itself – but creating an environment with community spaces, computer classrooms, outdoor activity areas, and training facilities is another difficult plateau that is addressed at Renaissance Uptown Lofts.

RUL Aerial
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RUL Plans
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