Seeing Red

Sheridan Public Library

Sheridan, CO

The new 10,000 SF Sheridan Public Library is a community center and information hub for the Sheridan area.   As one of eight libraries in the Arapahoe Library District, the Sheridan serves several communities.   The new library is located only 500 feet to the Southwest of former Sheridan Public Library, which has served the community since 1972.

The new library takes advantage of daylighting and viewsheds of the Rocky Mountains, features which were absent in the old library, which was situated within Sheridan High School.

The Sheridan Library features multifunctional meeting rooms with after-hours access, as well as large, open library study rooms, teen and children’s areas, and a cozy fireplace, a staple of Colorado libraries.  Perhaps one of the most important features of the library is its focus on technology.  The teen areas include top of the line computers, video games, 3D printers, and nine Oculus Rift headsets to give local children and teens a 3D learning experience.

Interior combo