From Brownfield to Brownstone

The Brownstones at Riverfront Park

Denver, CO

The Brownstones at Riverfront Park are a reflection of central Denver’s evolving urban fabric.  Once a brownfield (rail yards, storage buildings, and a creek edge populated by temporary uses), today the riverfront has been reclaimed as one of the city’s prized urban amalgams of park, dwellings, entertainment, and cultural venues just steps from the Central Business District. Amidst this diversity, The Brownstones deliberately bring the scale down to the street by locating stoops, stairs and gardens to make both the park and the adjacent towers more animated partners in the urban dialogue.

The 16 dwellings are shared-wall, single-family homes with individual entrances, unique floor plans, separate and secure garages, and independent but visually unified exteriors.  The residences apply the proportions, craftsmanship and materials palette of their namesakes, but sculpt ground and sky like their more contemporary brethren.

The architectural team played an important role in helping the client realize their vision of creating a unique set of urban single-family properties reflective of the classic Brownstone style.  The result is an elegant series of homes that, despite being physically connected, maintain their own individual personalities both inside and out.  The profile of each unit and the overall exterior materials palette shifts subtlety across the face of the buildings, while the internal floor plans dramatically range from 2,400 to 5,400 square feet.   This project is the first set of single-family homes to emerge in Riverfront Park in contrast to the many high rise condominium properties that surround it.

LRB Final Context Plan


Brownstones 8 courtyds La Casse
Brownstones 18th st stoops_1
Roof detail La Casse


brownstone181 copy