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The Community Library

Ketchum, ID

Humphries Poli Architects was selected to conduct a “re-imagination” study to evaluate means to enhance the delivery of library services to the Ketchum community in the valley of the Sun Valley Resort.  The Community Library, a unique non-profit organization, consists of a 27,000 SF facility constructed in multiple phases, initially constructed in 1976 and then expanded in 1986 and 1996.  One of the goals of the study was to gain extensive public input as to library and community desires and needs.  The process included meetings with both users and non users of the library to gain a full understanding of issues.  This input evolved during the summer months while a majority of residents were in Ketchum for their vacation.  The feasibility study included four phases:  Gather/Understand, Create, Agreement, and The Final.

The scope of work provided by HPA included the creation of in excess of 15 renovation options offered to meet the needs of the library without requiring the construction of new space. Cost estimates for both construction and operations were presented to the Board of Directors.  The Library determined various priorities to move the “Re-Imagining” process forward with the following recommendations being advocated:

  1. Improve the building’s primary entrances both functionally and aesthetically.
  2. Develop the lower level under the Children’s library to create a multi-use Teen library and classroom space.
  3. Enhance the Lecture Hall at its current location and convert the existing Young Adult library into a reading room and overflow space.
  4. Modernize the Regional History Department in its current space to meet two needs: a more functional office workspace and appealing research room.
  5. Transform the Reference Room into a commons that provides a fabulous space for people to gather and to linger.

Humphries Poli Architects has been selected to continue into the next phase of programming for all spaces within the library in preparation to advance the renovation proposal and is currently working to finalize the design.

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