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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science North Annex

Denver, CO

AIA Denver Honor Award for Built Architecture

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science completed a large expansion to the current South Loading Dock and, as a part of this process; the museum had the need to relocate its services elsewhere on the site to allow for daily operations to continue. HPA was tasked with this challenge of providing a new facility for general receiving and deliveries.


The result became the North Loading Dock, a 2,500 square foot facility that incorporates their current program without sacrificing design. The building is located north of the current museum, adjacent to the Boiler Plant Building situated on the eastern edge of City Park. The new receiving facility encloses the current work yard while providing an expansive, four-bay loading dock on the east side of the building. It is durable, but attractive, with a combination of glazed CMU block, exposed architectural concrete, low-emissivity (energy efficient) curtain wall, and an attractive, but softening, copper skinned exterior.

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The inside of the facility includes the luxuries of a new freight elevator, lift leveler, and scale to accommodate the daily functions of such a facility. This will be complemented with a program of sorting, mail, and a staff break room that incorporates many sustainable features. Floors are made of recycled concrete, with certain areas getting an additional layer of recycled rubber flooring and rapidly renewable fiber casework. Energy efficient lighting and an abundance of natural daylight, controlled with treatments, help to reduce energy costs for a facility expected to last many years.


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