Formal Living

Washington Street Townhomes

Denver, CO

The Washington Street Townhomes are a high-end, luxury approach to modern living in the historic Alamo Placita Neighborhood of Denver, CO.  Sensitive to Denver’s Landmark Preservation Commission review process and requirements, the project ‘fits in’ with and enhances the neighborhood through its carefully studied and appropriate massing, neighborhood-complementing material palette, and thoughtful detailing.  The roof-top “penthouse” form steps back from the building edge and provides a modern, artful flair to the composition.

Consisting of four units with detached garages, each unit receives generous natural light on all three stories thanks to light wells at the stairs and the significant number of large windows.  An operable glass wall connects the kitchen with the private garden for the ultimate in indoor-outdoor living.

Conceived as a modern take on traditional formal living, the interior of each unit provides relaxed flexibility with formal elegance.  On the ground floor, the stairs and kitchen are used as ‘buffers’ to break up the long space inherent to a narrow house design, but are designed for maximum visual transparency and daylight penetration.  The rest of the service areas are pushed to the edges to ‘get-out-of-way’ and leave the unit open for modern, flexible living.  On the upper floors bedrooms orient to the end-walls while interior spaces receive daylight from the light wells above.

High-end finishes with minimalist touches round out the interiors and establish the units as a luxurious backdrop to modern living – allowing the occupants to fill the spaces with activity and their own sense of home.