A Beacon of Democracy and Design

Westminster Public Safety Center

Westminster, CO

American Institute of Architects : National Committee on Architecture for Justice Justice Facility Review

Westminster is a community of approximately 120,000 people that has become a national leader in carefully planned growth and quality of life issues.  Commissioned to solidify the completion of the existing civic core, the design promotes architecture as a visual communicator of the processes and values of democracy while also making city government more accessible.  At the largest scale, the 74,000 SF building completes the notion of a formal civic place, forming an axial relationship to the City Hall’s 200-foot-tall campanile.  The two buildings visually collaborate to suggest permanence, solidarity, and confidence; excellent lessons in democracy and government as a public resource.

Upon approach the building’s internal functions are revealed via a double-height lobby in full view of the adjacent civic court and campanile.  Beyond the lobby, the building is structured around a double-height, sky lit courtyard which offers security to employees.

The architecture seeks to provide a quiet, humane  environment within which an often stress-filled mission is accomplished.  Providing the users with a sense of respite as a counter balance to the rigors of their daily activities was an articulated desire of the design process.

Leading the conceptual design, Humphries Poli Architects and Associate Architect Roth Sheppard Architects infused this project with a desire to not only create a space that was responsive to the needs of the users but also a space that positively impacted the user’s emotional sovereignty while at work.

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