The Oldest Operating School in Colorado

Whittier International Elementary School

Boulder, CO

Whittier International Elementary School in Boulder was built in the late 19th century as a classic 2-story, 4-room school house and has gone through numerous additions in its long life. The school serves the historic central Boulder Whittier neighborhood and is Colorado’s oldest continually operating school.

Humphries Poli, along with local Boulder office Rodwin Architecture, is tasked with restoring the historic schoolhouse and 1916 addition exterior, upgrading the mechanical systems throughout the school and providing a new secure entry and administration addition for the Boulder Valley School District.  As a designated landmark in the City of Boulder, Whittier International holds a special place both in the urban fabric of Boulder and in the lives of the local alumni and neighbors. Designing an addition to a building with such a rich history is both an honor and privilege, but comes with great responsibility to the building itself and to all the concerned parties involved.

210-6-22photo_1 northwest view 1900