Formal Appearance, Modern Flexibility

Woodbury Branch Library

Denver, CO

Colorado Construction Gold Hard Hat Award

The Woodbury Branch Library is among the first of Denver’s Carnegie funded branch libraries. Constructed in 1913, and named for Roger Williams Woodbury, a businessman, journalist and banker who served as Denver’s first president of the Chamber of Commerce.  This historic building has been renovated a number of times, with the latest renovation funded through the Better Denver Bond of 2007.  This 8,000 SF library renovation was programmed using Denver Public Library’s Learning and Language Service “style” and serves a highly diverse neighborhood population, with a high proportion of teenagers from the nearby North High School.    The library includes learning centers in the basement, and exploration, transact and orient focused services on the first and second floors.

Located in a central and prominent neighborhood of Denver, like many Carnegie funded libraries, the Woodbury Branch Library features a simple but formal appearance.  The Renaissance Revival style of the building is reminiscent of a classical Italian villa with its red clay tile roof, dramatic arched windows and substantial stone pediments.

The renovation focuses mainly on improving the function, technology, energy-efficiency, building security, comfort and aesthetics of the library.  The use of accent colors on select walls and updated finishes and furniture give the library new life.

Perhaps the most striking interior features still in use today are the elegantly detailed, exposed wood roof trusses extending the length of the 1913 construction.

This community center not only opens the doors for exploration, it offers resources for improved quality of life.

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